Reporting suspected adverse reactions following vaccination against mpox (monkeypox)

Suspected adverse reactions can be reported electronically


The Bavarian Nordic smallpox vaccine, which is authorised in Europe, is also effective against mpox (monkeypox). It has been available in Switzerland as a preventive measure for high-risk individuals since November 2022. Suspected adverse drug reactions should be reported to Swissmedic.

The Bavarian Nordic vaccine against mpox (monkeypox) is also available in Switzerland. Vaccines should be used in accordance with the official vaccination recommendations from the Federal Commission for Vaccination (FCV). The cantons are responsible for organisation and administration of mpox vaccinations. They stipulate where people can be vaccinated. The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) has published comprehensive information on the ongoing vaccination campaign and treatment of monkeypox infections on its website.

No vaccines against mpox (monkeypox) are currently authorised in Switzerland, and no Swiss medicinal product information is available yet. Swissmedic is also responsible for market surveillance of medicinal products that are not authorised in Switzerland but are imported into Switzerland. According to the Therapeutic Products Act, medical professionals must notify Swissmedic of any serious or previously unknown adverse reactions and medically significant incidents involving therapeutic products (Art. 59 para. 3 TPA).

Reports of suspected adverse drug reactions are an important pillar of vaccine safety. Medical professionals can submit reports directly via the electronic reporting portal ElViS:

Private individuals can also report suspected adverse reactions via an online portal:

By reporting suspected adverse reactions you are making an important contribution to the safety of the vaccine against monkeypox.

Supplementary information

You can find information on vaccination against monkeypox and treatment of monkeypox infections here.