Questions on delimitation

Swissmedic's area of responsibility is closely related, in various areas, to the areas of competence of other authorities or enforcement entities. As the enforcement entity regarding legislation on therapeutic products, Swissmedic is responsible for ensuring safety in medicines, and in particular regarding authorisations, market surveillance and issuing permits in the sector of medicinal products and medical devices. 

Certain products are at the interface between two product categories  and thus are always classified on a case-by-case basis and have to be reviewed as a whole (check on intended use and composition).

The Delimitation Expert Working Group is responsible for clarifying issues relating to the areas of human and veterinary medicines. This concerns defining responsibility in areas such as:

  • medicines and medicinal devices (Swissmedic)
  • foodstuffs, consumer items and cosmetics (Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office FSVO)
  • pesticides (Federal Office of Public Health FOPH)
  • animal foodstuffs and means of production (Federal Office for Agriculture FOAG)

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