Entering Switzerland with medicinal products

Different rules for different categories

Different rules apply depending on whether the product is classified as a “normal” or a narcotic-containing medicinal product or as a doping agent.

The professional from whom you obtained the medicinal product can help you to determine what category your product falls under. Please note that some sleeping aids and strong painkillers are also classified as narcotics.

The regulations apply to both human and veterinary medicinal products.

Doping agents

Medicinal products may be classified as doping agents if they contain testosterone or insulin, for example.

Please contact Swiss Sport Integrity directly if you wish to import medicinal products that are classified as doping agents into Switzerland.

“Normal” medicinal products

Private individuals may import up to one month’s supply of medicinal products that are not narcotics into Switzerland for their own use.

  • Whether or not the products are authorised in Switzerland is irrelevant.
  • No medical certificates or other documents are required.
  • One month’s supply refers to the prescription by the doctor or the dosage recommendation in the package leaflet.
  • Importing medicinal products for use by a third party (including family members) is not permitted.


The maximum quantity of narcotic-containing medicinal products that may be imported into Switzerland corresponds to a treatment duration of 30 days.

Swissmedic recommends carrying the medicinal products with you (hand luggage) in their original packaging and having a certificate issued. You can obtain the certificate from the place where you obtained the medicinal product. A separate certificate is required for each medicinal product.

Template certificate for entering Switzerland from a Schengen country:

Template certificate for entering Switzerland from a non-Schengen country: 

Longer than 30 days

It is not possible to import more than a month’s supply of medicinal products into Switzerland. Exceptions or special authorisations are not possible.

Are you staying in Switzerland for longer than a month and require prescription-only medicinal products? Swissmedic recommends the following:

  • Discuss possible solutions directly with a Swiss pharmacy
  • Have the medicinal products prescribed by a Swiss doctor in a health centre.

Medicinal products authorised in Switzerland

List of authorised medicinal products: 

Point 1: Human medicinal products
Point 3: Veterinary medicinal products
Point 4.1: Narcotic-containing medicinal products

Dispensing categories:
A and B:        Prescription-only
D: Available in drugstores and pharmacies without a prescription with expert advice
E: Freely available in drugstores, pharmacies and retailers

Medical devices

Private individuals may import CE-marked medical devices (e.g. blood glucose strips) into Switzerland for their personal use without restrictions.

Travelling from Switzerland to other countries

Other provisions apply outside of Switzerland. Please contact the relevant embassy for information regarding importing medicinal products into other countries.