Reclassification of therapeutic products in dispensing category C: Evaluation concluded

The prevailing supply category C will be eliminated.


Batch recall – Valtan-Mepha, Lactab / Co-Valtan-Mepha, Lactab / Amlodipin-Valsartan-Mepha, Lactab

Die aufgelisteten Chargen werden bis auf Stufe Detailhandel zurückgerufen


Swissmedic Vigilance News Edition 21

Keywords in this edition: Isotretinoin, DOAC, confusions amphotericin B formulations, guest articles RPVC, transfusion practice, statistical review 2017


Batch recall – Octenimed Gurgellösung

Rückruf der Chargen 1327519, 1502029, 1505245, 1511546 bis auf Stufe Detailhandel


Swissmedic Journal

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Swissmedic Journal Oktober 2018


Federal Council approves Swissmedic's strategic goals for 2019–22

Swissmedic guarantees efficient, independent therapeutic products oversight.


Batch recall – Ozurdex, intravitreales Implantat in Applikator

Zusatzinformation zur Verfügbarkeit von Ozurdex nach dem Chargenrückruf vom 07.09.2018

In focus


Renewed discovery of impurities in valsartan-containing medicines

Swissmedic laboratory discovers contamination with N-nitrosodiethylamine above the tolerated level in certain valsartan batches


Valsartan: Proprietary medicines on the Swiss market containing sartans are safe in respect of NDMA

Analytical results to date for the proprietary medicinal products containing the active substances valsartan, losartan, olmesartan, candesartan and irbesartan

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