Batch recall– Atorvastatin Zentiva 10 mg und 20 mg, 30 Filmtabletten

Rückruf der Charge 2080218 bis auf Stufe Detailhandel


Out-of-Stock – Tepadina, Pulver zur Herstellung einer Infusionslösung

Befristete Bewilligung zum Vertrieb in internationaler Aufmachung


DHPC – Prezista® (Darunavir)

Erhöhtes Risiko für Therapieversagen und für eine Mutter-Kind-Übertragung der HIV-Infektion während der Schwangerschaft


DHPC – Xofigo® (Radium-223-Dichlorid)

Neue risikominimierende Massnahmen in der Fachinformation von Xofigo® in Bezug auf die Kombination mit Abirateronacetat plus Prednison/Prednisolon


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Therapeutic Products Legislation update

The modifications following the ordinary revision of the TPA and its right of enforcement will enter into force on 1 January 2019

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Swissmedic Vigilance News Edition 21

In this edition:

  • Isotretinoin and DOAC – Updates
  • Confusion between amphotericin B formulations
  • Guest articles: RPVC Zurich and RPVC Ticino
  • Quality Assurance in Transfusion Practice
  • Statistical Review 2017


What are the tasks of Swissmedic in the area of medical devices?

What is a medical device? How do medical devices come onto the market? How do you recognise a medical device? Based on examples, our videos answer these and a number of other questions.

Medical devices: List of Field Safety Corrective Actions (FSCA) and recalls

Swissmedic monitors all safety measures and recalls for medical devices that are manufactured or marketed in Switzerland.

Swissmedic, Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products


Swissmedic – for therapeutic products you can trust

Swissmedic is the Swiss authority responsible for the authorisation and supervision of therapeutic products. Swissmedic's activities are based on the Law on Therapeutic Products.

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