Swissmedic receives grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Grant agreement signed to continue supporting regulatory authorities in low and middle-income countries for a further three years


Batch recall – NaCl 0,9% Sintetica, Injektionslösung

Rückruf der Chargen 20415 und 220894 bis auf Stufe Detailhandel


Products containing cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids that are not subject to narcotics legislation – Overview and implementation guide

The 7th version of the information sheet contains some changes and further specifications, particularly in the area of cosmetics and medical devices.


HPC – Cimalgex ad us. vet., teilbare Tabletten für Hunde (Swissmedic 61525)

Polyurie, Polydipsie, schwerwiegende gastrointestinale und renale Nebenwirkungen


Out-of-Stock – Zinforo, Pulver für ein Konzentrat zur Herstellung einer Infusionslösung

Befristete Bewilligung zum Vertrieb in spanischer Aufmachung


Nachtrag 11.4 der Europäischen Pharmakopöe in Kraft

Der Institutsrat hat den Nachtrag 11.4 der Europäischen Pharmakopöe auf den 1. April 2024 in Kraft gesetzt


Swissmedic Journal

Latest edition
Swissmedic Journal März 2024


Batch recall – Iscador M c. Arg. Serie I; Injektionslösung (s.c.)

Rückzug der Charge 30122 bis auf Stufe Detailhandel

In focus


Holidaying in Switzerland

Which medications can be imported into Switzerland in which quantities?
Information on the entry requirements with medicinal products

Contact for members of the public

Do you have any questions about a particular medicine or a general question about Swissmedic? We’ll be glad to be of assistance. 

Just send an e-mail to anfragen@swissmedic.ch or use our contact form. Thank you.

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Reporting undesirable effects and incidents


Medical devices

Swiss Public Assessment Report (SwissPAR)


Public Summary SwissPAR


Swissmedic video portrait

Swissmedic monitors all therapeutic products on the market in Switzerland. Our independent experts ensure the therapeutic products you and your loved ones need are effective, safe and of the highest quality.

Pharmacopeia: The rulebook on the quality of safe and effective medicinal products

Do you know what the pharmacopoeia is?

To ensure medicinal products are safe, high quality and effective, the requirements first have to be defined. The pharmacopoeia plays an important role in this.

Illegal medicinal products from the Internet

Find out in this video why you should be careful when buying medicinal products online, and what happens if customs officials discover that a consignment addressed to you contains illegally imported medicinal products.



New medical devices regulations

Information concerning the new EU-Regulations as well as their implementation in Switzerland.

Revision of the MedDO and the IvDO
Information on the new EU Regulations and their implementation in Switzerland.


What are the tasks of Swissmedic in the area of medical devices?

What is a medical device? How do medical devices come onto the market? How do you recognise a medical device? Based on examples, our videos answer these and a number of other questions.

Medical devices: List of Field Safety Corrective Actions (FSCA) and recalls

Swissmedic monitors all safety measures and recalls for medical devices that are manufactured or marketed in Switzerland.

Swissmedic, Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products


Swissmedic – for therapeutic products you can trust

Swissmedic is the Swiss authority responsible for the authorisation and supervision of therapeutic products. Swissmedic's activities are based on the Law on Therapeutic Products.

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