Swissmedic videos

About Swissmedic

• Swissmedic video portrait
• Swissmedic, the Swiss regulatory and supervisory authority for therapeutic products


The rulebook on the quality of safe and effective medicinal products

About medicinal products

• Illegal medicinal products from the Internet
• Market surveillance - Market Monitoring of Illegal Medicinal Products
• The road to authorisation

About vaccines

• Vaccine development in brief
• How a vaccination works
• How is the safety of vaccines monitored?
• The different types of vaccine

The different types of vaccine

• How an mRNA vaccine works
• How a vector vaccine works
• How a protein vaccine works

About medical devices

• What is a medical device?
• How do medical devices come onto the market?
• What are the tasks of Swissmedic in the area of medical devices?
• Products without a medical purpose – What are they?
• Products without a medical purpose: procurement and use

Miscellaneous topics

• OMCL - Combating nitrosamines
• Interview with executive director Swissmedic (Raimund Bruhin)

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