New authorisations of complementary and herbal medicines

A large number of complementary and herbal medicines, cough and throat lozenges and pastilles are authorised in the course of a year.

The newly authorised medicines, excluding authorisations from the notification procedure, can be found in the Swissmedic Journals from the respective year.

All information about the medicinal products reflects the situation on the respective date of authorisation. The current medicinal product information for authorised medicinal products can be found at

A report providing detailed information about the authorisation of complementary and herbal medicines, including details of the authorisation procedures used and statistical evaluations, is also available as of 2021 under Overview.

Authorisations of complementary and herbal medicinal products in 2022

The report from the CHM Division provides an overview of the newly authorised medicinal products in 2022 and illustrates trends in the numbers of complementary and herbal medicinal products over recent years. Specifics regarding the numbers of herbal medicinal products, medicinal products for gemmotherapy and Chinese medicinal products are also highlighted, as well as the fully updated web pages of the CHM Division.