COVID-19 Pandemic

Current status of authorisations for combating COVID-19

This table (“dashboard”) shows the applications received by Swissmedic for the authorisation (or authorisation extension in the case of vaccines) for COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutic agents against COVID-19 and the current status of the authorisation procedures.

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Communication regarding COVID-19


Spikevax COVID-19 vaccine for children up to 5 years: application for indication extension submitted

Swissmedic is reviewing application from Moderna Switzerland GmbH


Moderna COVID-19 vaccine authorised in Switzerland for children aged 6 to 11 years

Swissmedic approves application for indication extension of Spikevax® for children 6 years and older


Reports of suspected adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines

15,228 reports of suspected adverse vaccination reactions evaluated


Out-of-Stock – COVID-19 – Authorisations for the temporary import and distribution of human medicines – Update

Licences in accordance with art. 22 para. 3 of the COVID 19 Ordinance 3


Changes to guidance document Authorisation procedures for COVID-19 medicinal products during a pandemic HMV4

Clarifications on the prioritisation and fast-tracking of pandemic medicinal products and on the patient information requirements


Swissmedic grants temporary authorisation for the Nuvaxovid COVID-19 vaccine from Novavax

Protein-based vaccine from manufacturer Novavax authorised in Switzerland


Twelve rather than nine-month shelf life for Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine «Comirnaty»

The Agency for Therapeutic Products has reviewed the application and approved the extension


Reports of suspected adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines

14,624 reports of suspected adverse vaccination reactions evaluated