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Out-of-Stock – Natulan, Hartkapseln

Befristete Bewilligung zum Vertrieb in internationaler Aufmachung


Batch recall – Xenetix 350, Injektionslösung

Rückruf der Charge 18WF044C01 bis auf Stufe Detailhandel


Batch recall – Ozurdex, intravitreales Implantat in Applikator

Zusatzinformation zum Chargenrückruf vom 07.09.2018


Swissmedic Journal

Latest edition
Swissmedic Journal September 2018


Valsartan: Extended investigations – products on Swiss market tested to date give no cause for concern

Like the previously analysed products with valsartan, products with losartan, olmesartan and candesartan that have been investigated do not contain elevated NDMA levels.


Procedure for submitting applications according to HMV4 before 1 January 2019

As of 1 December 2018 Swissmedic will accept submissions with the documents updated according to HMV4.


Revision of the Therapeutic Products Act (TPA): Publication of the specification documents and forms for authorisation applications

Owing to the revision of the TPA and the corresponding implementing ordinances (Therapeutic Products Ordinance Package IV), Swissmedic has adapted the specification documents and forms for authorisation applications.


Updating of various specification documents connected with HMV4

Various eDok and eCTD specification documents are being updated


ICT - Systemadministrator/in 80 %

Stellenausschreibung | Abteilung Arzneimittelsicherheit


Out-of-Stock – HBVAXPRO 40, Injektionssuspension

Befristete Bewilligung zum Vertrieb in holländischer Aufmachung.

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