Expert Commission for Radiopharmaceuticals (ECRP)

The Federal Expert Commission for Radiopharmaceuticals (ECRP) assesses applications for the authorisation and approval of radiopharmaceuticals. Decisions are made jointly by the ECRP, the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and Swissmedic.

To ensure that applications are processed efficiently and promptly, we are supplying the dates of the ECRP meetings which take place six times a year. Based on this information, applicants can plan the submission of applications and answers to the List of Questions/interim decision accordingly. This is particularly important for type IB variation applications since these are subject to a short processing period.

Documents for type IB variation applications may be submitted 55 calendar days before the next ECRP meeting at the earliest and 15 calendar days before the meeting at the latest. If this time window is not observed, Swissmedic cannot guarantee that the applications will be processed within the time limit.

2023 meeting dates
Meeting 1 02.02.2023
Meeting 2 13.04.2023
Meeting 3 29.06.2023
Meeting 4 24.08.2023
Meeting 5 26.10.2023
Meeting 6 07.12.2023

2024 meeting dates

Meeting 1


Meeting 2


Meeting 3


Meeting 4


Meeting 5


Meeting 6


For more information about the ECRP, please consult the Federal Department of Home Affairs website:

Last modification 08.11.2023

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