Public Summary SwissPAR

Following the entry into force of the revised therapeutic products legislation on 1 January 2019, Swissmedic is publishing abridged versions of the Swiss Public Assessment Report (SwissPAR for short), which are available to the general public. This affects applications for authorisation submitted on or after 1.1.2019.

In addition to the full SwissPAR, Swissmedic is publishing an abridged version of the SwissPAR known as the ‘Public Summary SwissPAR’. The Public Summary SwissPAR is intended to make Swissmedic's authorisation decisions comprehensible and transparent to the wider public, and to give them access to relevant information on medicinal products.

The Public Summary SwissPAR is based on the content of the published SwissPAR and the officially approved product information texts.



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