Information for healthcare professionals/Patient information

ZI-platform to upload the texts
The upload platform for the authorisation holders is password-protected and is only available to those persons given access by the authorisation holder.

Data download option for third parties
The download platform makes it possible to download the entire AIPS data of the information for healthcare professionals and patient information in XML format and is designed, among other purposes, for data refiners. The download contains a large amount of data and can only be read by converting it into commonly used text processing programmes.

The AIPS medicinal products information system will be updated on 1 January 2016. It will then be possible to record active substances for patient information texts as well. If the active substance has already been recorded for the information for healthcare professionals, the systems will automatically generate a suggestion when the patient information is entered.
The new feature will make it possible to find preparations for which only patient information is published (e.g. certain preparations OTC) when searching for active substances.

The active substances of existing preparations in the patient information text can be recorded when implementing variations.