Licensing of medicinal and transplant products

Companies that manufacture or distribute medicinal or transplant products in Switzerland (manufacturing, wholesale, import, export and trade in foreign countries) require an establishment licence. Swissmedic issues this licence on the basis of a successful inspection or other evaluation.

Special authorisations

Upon application, Swissmedic issues special authorisations to medical professionals for the import of small quantities of veterinary medicinal products that are not authorised in Switzerland but are essential for the treatment of animals.

Since 01.01.2019, Swissmedic has no longer issued special authorisations for the import of human medicinal products or transplant products by healthcare professionals. This process is now set out in Art. 49 of the Medicinal Products Licensing Ordinance (MPLO; SR 812.212.1) and imports are the responsibility of the healthcare professionals.


Last modification 04.05.2021

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