Swiss Public Assessment Report (SwissPAR)

Following the entry into force of the revised Therapeutic Products Act, Swissmedic publishes additional information of general interest relating to therapeutic products. On the basis of Art. 67 para. 1 TPA and the implementing provisions of Art. 68 para. 1 let. e TPO, the Agency publishes a SwissPAR summary evaluation report for all human medicinal products with a new active substance, as well as for transplant products, for which a decision to approve or reject authorisation has been issued. It also publishes a supplementary report for approved or rejected applications relating to additional indications for human medicinal products for which a SwissPAR has been published following the new authorisation. The SwissPAR includes the evaluation results of the application for new authorisation or additional indication of a human medicinal product, but not the applicant's commercial or manufacturing secrets or personal data.

The SwissPAR is intended primarily for healthcare professionals, industry representatives and other national and international authorities. Swissmedic publishes the SwissPAR in English using specific technical terminology.

Last modification 15.11.2019

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