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Documents which Swissmedic transmits electronically via the eSubmissions portal have an official electronic seal as per the Federal Act of 18 March 2016 on certification services in relation to electronic  signatures and other applications of digital signatures (Federal Act on Electronic Signatures, ESigA, SR 943.03) instead of a handwritten signature.

A valid electronic seal verifies that the content of the document has not been changed (integrity) and guarantees its origin (authenticity). The qualified electronic time-stamp of the Swiss Government PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) additionally attests to the time at which the electronic seal was applied.

You can check an electronic seal and hence its authenticity online with the help of the Swiss Confederation’s ‘Validator’ by uploading the electronically signed document to and launching the validation process. The validation result issued by the Validator is binding with regard to the validity of the electronic signature. The online validator is operated under a security certificate in the Confederation’s name.

Important information: To ensure that PDF documents are displayed correctly and in full, we recommend using the Adobe Acrobat Reader application. To verify the validity of an electronically signed document, we expressly recommend using the online Validator. In principle, Adobe Acrobat Reader can also be used to check electronic signatures. This involves using certain configurations, however, for which specific knowledge is required.

Last modification 06.01.2023

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