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Login for eGovernment applications as of 28 Jan. 2021

Because of an enhancement to the basic eIAM service, as of 28.1.21 the eGov portal access links will no longer lead directly to the CH login but to the login-method selection page.

To access the eGovernment application as hitherto, please choose login method “CH login (eGovernment)”.

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Latest News

Access to Swissmedic eGov service via the CH-LOGIN procedure

From Monday, 9 September 2019, the ID and authorisation verification procedures for Swissmedic eGov services will be via the CH-LOGIN procedure. Existing users receive an automatically generated e-mail (“onboarding mail”).


Short instructions

Instructions for registration and application

Login to the eGov services are made via the eIAM User Administration (CH-LOGIN) page. Please follow the instructions until the last step (time required 10-15 minutes).

Questions and answers (Q&A)


Short instructions CH-LOGIN and onboarding eGov-Services (PDF, 950 kB, 09.09.2019)Setting up CH-LOGIN and linking the user account with the applications (onboarding)


Short instructions CH-LOGIN and eMessage service (PDF, 1012 kB, 07.09.2019)Setting up CH-LOGIN and obtaining access to eMessage service




Swissmedic eGov-Services: Delegierte Benutzerverwaltung und neue Selbstregistrierung via CH-LOGIN ab 9. September 2019

Reminder: Interruption of user administration (Swissmedic portal) and self-registration (eMessage, ElViS)


Unterbruch der Benutzerverwaltung für eGov-Services

Modernised user management for Swissmedic's eGovernment applications as of autumn 2019


New ID and access management for Swissmedic eGov Services from mid-September 2019

Advance notification: Modernised user management for Swissmedic's eGovernment applications as of autumn 2019

Service notices


Customer service eGov Services:

Informatik Service Center Swissmedic (ISCS)
Hallerstrasse 7
3012 Berne


The following Swissmedic eGov Services (applications) will be available via the eIAM portal from September 2019:

Electronic reporting systems

  • eSubmissions (electronic application processing),
  • Safety communication (secure electronic submission of information on safety signals),
  • eMessage (electronic processing of business cases, e.g. certificates),
  • CPP/GMP/GDP (electronic ordering of product and GMP/GDP certificates)

User registration and management (assigning authorisations) will be via the eIAM portal (CH-LOGIN).

ElViS (Electronic Vigilance Reporting Portal)

Self-registration and access to applications will be via the eIAM portal (CH-LOGIN)

MESA (national trade register for controlled substances)

Self-registration, user management and access to the reporting platform will be via the eIAM portal (CH-LOGIN).