Current status of authorisations for combating COVID-19

Applications received by Swissmedic for the authorisation (or authorisation extension in the case of vaccines) for COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutic agents against COVID-19 and the current status of the authorisation procedures.

Authorisation procedures for vaccines against COVID-19

Authorisation procedures for therapeutic agents against COVID-19

Review begins as soon as the formal check on the documents submitted is complete. The check lasts from a few hours up to a few days.
“Under (rolling) review” denotes that Swissmedic is examining the data submitted with regard to safety, efficacy and quality, is clarifying open issues with the companies and/or is demanding additional results
3Only the first authorisation in the context of COVID-19 is listed; for the sake of clarity, no indication extensions are shown
4 Conversion to ordinary authorisation applied for, in respect of vaccine for which temporary authorisation had been issued.
5 Temporary authorisation extended by Swissmedic (until official decision published, but not beyond 13.09.2023).