Communications regarding the safety of medicines

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Erstlinien-Erhaltungstherapie bei Patienten mit Tumor ohne EGFR-aktivierende Mutationen ohne Nutzen – Indikationseinschränkung.

Batch recalls human medicines

Batch recall – Cevanel Lactab

Die Firma Mepha Pharma AG zieht alle Chargen von 63209 Cevanel Lactab vorsorglich bis auf Stufe Detailhandel vom Markt zurück.

Communications regarding the safety of medical devices

Swissmedic – for therapeutic products you can trust

We are the Swiss agency for the authorisation and supervision of therapeutic products (medicinal products and medical devices). We fulfil our legal mandate and work with partner authorities on a national and international basis.

We endeavour to ensure that authorised therapeutic products are of high quality, effective and safe.


By doing so, we make a considerable contribution towards protecting the health of humans and animals, and we also participate in safeguarding Switzerland as a location for industry and research.

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Manufacturer information data quality

The current (divided) Manufacturer Information form can still be submitted during a transitional period until the end of November 2016.

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Selected Topics

Penal Law

Swissmedic is mandated to carry out a considerable proportion of the penal prosecutions for violations of legislation on therapeutic products. The Agency may carry out penal investigations and may impose sanctions. More information...