Warnings and information


Update – Warning about supposedly herbal products

Swissmedic is issuing an urgent warning regarding slimming products and other supposedly natural products


Swissmedic issues warning about the illegal medicinal product "Lemon Bottle" lipolysis solution

"Lemon Bottle" lipolysis solution is not approved for distribution in Switzerland and must not be sold or used


Warning about imports of melatonin and DHEA by private individuals

Avvertenza concernente le importazioni di melatonina e DHEA da parte di privati


Counterfeit Ozempic diabetes medication in circulation

The Regional Council in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, has warned against the use of counterfeit Ozempic® pens


Swissmedic issues warning about falsified Ozempic pens

Hospitalisations following use of falsified Ozempic pens – Swissmedic advises against purchasing medicinal products online and from unreliable sources abroad


Swissmedic issues warning about erectile stimulants from online sources

Man hospitalised after taking illegal erectile stimulants – Swissmedic issues warning about erectile stimulants from Internet sources


Ban on sale and distribution of “Ovirex”, “Vibasin-19” and “Malachlorite” from Naturasana Ltd

Due to a potential health risk, Swissmedic has issued a ban on the sale and distribution of lozenges containing sodium chlorite.


Information on unauthorised products such as teas or capsules containing senna

The marketing of products such as teas containing senna leaves and/or senna pods as foodstuffs is prohibited in Switzerland.


Ten years of the Medicrime Convention

Ten years ago, Switzerland was one of the first states to sign the Medicrime Convention.


Swissmedic warns against purchasing medications to treat or prevent COVID-19 infections online

COVID-19: increase in illegally imported medicinal products


Operation PANGEA XIV: campaign against counterfeit and illegally imported medicinal products

Authorities worldwide have been checking for criminal online sales of medicines in a coordinated operation


International trade with wholesalers outside the EU

Licence holders required to check suppliers more rigorously


Swissmedic warns of the danger of buying vaccines or other medicines online

If you purchase medicines or vaccines from an unregulated source you are putting your health at risk


Import ban on DHEA by Antidoping Switzerland

llegal importation of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)


Falsified medicinal products – information concerning an official warning from Brazil regarding three Turkish wholesalers

Brazil is banning imports of medicinal products from three Turkish wholesalers due to trading in falsified medicinal products


Warning regarding the "wonder cure" Miracle Mineral Supplements

Experts worldwide warn against taking MMS


Information regarding a batch recall abroad

Falsified Soliris 300 mg, batch 1000706, EXP. 07/2021 (The Swiss market is not affected)


New coronavirus: Swissmedic issues warning about illegal medicinal products from the Internet and false claims of curative properties

Officially licensed and controlled distribution channels are the only guarantee of safe, flawless-quality medicines


New coronavirus: Swissmedic issues warning about non-conforming face masks

Potentially inferior-quality products are increasingly being offered in Switzerland too


HPC – Swissmedic warnt vor dem gefälschten Tierarzneimittel Micotil 300mg/ml

In Schottland sind Fälschungen des Tierarzneimittels Micotil 300mg/ml Solution for Injection entdeckt worden.


Update – Warning about the slimmers’ teas Esillaa and Alpiflor

Swissmedic is issuing an urgent warning regarding the slimming products Esillaa and Alpiflor Tea


Warning regarding HAVYCO-Vy&Tea slimmers’ tea

Swissmedic is issuing a warning regarding the slimming product


Intensified action targeting illegally imported erectile stimulants: what they really contain

Swissmedic laboratory inspects illegal shipments of medicinal products in which tadalafil is the declared active substance


Warning regarding Esillaa slimmers’ tea

Swissmedic is issuing a warning regarding the slimming product Esillaa.


Warning about the dietary supplement Liquid XXX

Dietary supplement with vitamins as liquid concentrate


Hepatitis medicines: Warning concerning Harvoni® packs with counterfeit contents

Counterfeit packs of the preparation Harvoni® have been discovered in Israel. The Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products Swissmedic is working with other European authorities to establish whether Harvoni® packs with counterfeit contents have also been imported into other countries.


Warning - Capsules sold on the website of "The Diennet Institute"

Warning concerning the dangers of capsules sold on the website of "The Diennet Institute" (www.diennet.com)


Successful operation against illegal drug imports

This year's "PANGEA VIII" week of action to combat illegal trading in medicines online


Dangerous slimming products

Swissmedic has analysed 61 illegally imported slimming products to establish their contents. The outcome is perturbing.


Swiss authorities seize medicines

Press release


International operation combats the on-line supply of counterfeit and illegal medicines

National medicines regulators, police and customs have extensively collaborated in this global campaign.


Illegale Einfuhr von Tierarzneimitteln gefährdet die Gesundheit der Verbraucher

Die Anwendung von Tierarzneimitteln muss die Bestimmungen des Gesundheitsrechts erfüllen.


Swissmedic identifies dangerous substances in slimming products claimed to be herbal

Results of the analysis carried out in the Swissmedic laboratory

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