Warning - Capsules sold on the website of "The Diennet Institute"


Warning concerning the dangers of capsules sold on the website of "The Diennet Institute" (www.diennet.com)

Capsules (A, B and C), whose composition is not disclosed and which are intended for patients wishing to lose weight and sold online on the www.diennet.com website by "The Diennet Institute" contain chemical substances that are dangerous to health.

Analyses by the Swissmedic laboratory of samples of capsules A, B and C taken from 11 shipments seized by the customs authorities have shown that capsules A contain amfepramone (approx. 77 mg/capsule), while capsules B contain diazepam (1mg/capsule).

  • Amfepramone can cause serious cardiovascular risks when used as an appetite suppressant. This substance is no longer authorised in Switzerland.
  • Diazepam is an anxiolytic agent that may only be used in the long term under strict medical supervision.

Furthermore, these two substances appear on the list of narcotics and cannot therefore be imported without a permit.

Because of the dangers associated with the use of these products without close medical supervision and the rules governing imports of these substances, Swissmedic has ordered the systematic seizure of these products at border crossings. Moreover, patients who are currently taking this treatment are advised to consult their doctor to have their state of health checked.

Swissmedic has informed all foreign health authorities about the dangers associated with these products distributed by the Dr. Diennet Institute or Hepson Health Care Ltd of Nassau in the Bahamas.