Ten years of the Medicrime Convention


The Council of Europe is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Medicrime Convention today. The Convention protects the public from illegal counterfeit medicinal products and illegal trade in medicinal products, and regulates the exchange of information between national and international authorities and specialist agencies.

Switzerland was actively involved in drawing up the Medicrime Convention ten years ago and was among the first states to sign the Convention.

To date, 18 countries worldwide have implemented the Convention and a further 18 have signed it. Swissmedic is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the signing of the Convention today together with the European Council in an online event.

Under the Medicrime Convention, the signatory states are obliged to prosecute and criminalise the counterfeiting of medicinal products and other crimes and offences that could endanger public health. In addition, it comprises preventive and protective measures for human and animal health plus guidelines on collaboration between the responsible authorities and specialist agencies. The Convention ensures the exchange of information between national and international networks of authorities, which is key to its effective implementation. The model enabling this exchange was included in the Convention on Switzerland's initiative.

Swissmedic operates the national point of contact for counterfeit medicinal products in Switzerland and is the national single point of contact (SPOC) for the implementation of the Medicrime Convention. Suspected illegal activities, including sales of therapeutic products and counterfeit therapeutic products, can be reported to Swissmedic using the relevant contact form.

Swissmedic represents Switzerland on the Committee of the Parties to the Medicrime Convention. Further information on the Convention can be found on the website of the European Council: