Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS), COVID-19 lozenges and other “wonder drugs”: Swissmedic issues another warning against contact with the caustic substance chlorine dioxide

Sodium chlorite products in the form of lozenges pose a considerable risk to health

01.03.2022 | 31.05.2022*
* Amendment concerning the ban on sale and distribution of lozenges containing sodium chlorite

Swissmedic has recently received increasing reports of products containing chlorine dioxide, which are claimed on the Internet and social media to be “wonder drugs” to prevent or treat COVID-19 infections and other diseases. Lately, tablets containing sodium chlorite, which release chlorine dioxide in the mouth, have been sold as “oral hygiene” products. Swissmedic is warning against the use of chlorine dioxide products such as Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS), chlorine dioxide solution (CDS/CDL) and sodium chlorite lozenges.

Such lozenges, which are sold as medicinal products, cosmetics or nutritional supplements, sometimes contain considerable quantities of sodium chlorite1. The addition of an acid (often citric acid) to the lozenge creates the chemical substance chlorine dioxide (ClO2) in the mouth, which is damaging to health.

Chlorine dioxide is used as a disinfectant, for industrial water treatment or as a textile bleaching agent. Depending on the concentration, chlorine dioxide solutions can lead to irritation of the skin and mucous membranes. Ingestion of chlorine dioxide can cause nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea and at high doses can result in kidney failure, severe damage to the bowel or low blood pressure. 2 3

Chlorine dioxide has no scientifically proven medicinal effect against SARS-CoV2 coronavirus or other pathogens. “Testimonials” or “recommendations” that are shared via social media, on websites or in e-mail newsletters concerning MMS, chlorine dioxide products or sodium chlorite lozenges – which are sold under various names that often include “-19” – are misleading.

The use of these products carries a risk. Chlorine dioxide solutions are not effective against COVID-19 but can result in poisoning. Chlorine dioxide is not a medicinal product and is not permitted as an additive in food products or nutritional supplements. No medicinal products containing the active substance sodium chlorite are approved in Switzerland.

[ Amendment of 31.05.2022 ]
Ban on sale and distribution of “Ovirex”, “Vibasin-19” and “Malachlorite” from Naturasana Ltd

Due to a potential health risk, Swissmedic has issued Naturasana Ltd, Herisau, with a ban on the sale and distribution of lozenges containing sodium chlorite, which are marketed under the names “Ovirex”, “Vibasin-19” and “Malachlorite”. These lozenges have been classified as non-authorised medicinal products due to the health claim directly linked with the products.

Information for patients and users

If you have any such products containing chlorine dioxide or sodium chlorite lozenges at home, do not take them. Dispose of them appropriately.

Please contact a suitably qualified medical professional with any questions about your health. Only they can assess your personal state of health and initiate and monitor targeted treatment. If you have questions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, please contact your doctor, another medical professional or the responsible cantonal authority.

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