Human health

Therapeutic products include medicinal products and medical devices. According to Art. 4 of the Therapeutic Products Act, medicinal products are products of chemical or biological origin which are intended or claimed to have a medicinal effect on the human or animal organism, in particular in the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of diseases, injuries and handicaps; blood and blood products are also considered to be medicinal products.

Medical devices include instruments, apparatus, equipment, in vitro diagnostics, software, implants, reagents, materials and other goods or substances which are intended or claimed to have a medical use and whose principal effect is not obtained with a medicinal product.

A distinction should be made in particular between therapeutic products and food and food supplements, cosmetic products, biocides, chemicals, etc. (non-exhaustive list).

The following guidelines, information sheets and publications are resources for interpreting the various legal bases for placing various product categories on the Swiss market.



Medical Devices

Last modification 16.01.2023

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