Reporting of suspected adverse drug reactions by patients

Swissmedic is responsible for monitoring the safety of medicinal products. This involves receiving and evaluating reports on side effects of medicines and vaccines, including COVID vaccines. However, Swissmedic does not answer questions about individual therapies or vaccination issues, nor does it make any recommendations regarding them. For such enquiries, please contact your doctor.

Under the Swiss Therapeutic Products Act, consumers, patients and their organisations and interested third parties can report adverse drug reactions and incidents to Swissmedic.

Please be aware that you should still talk to your doctor or chemist if you are worried about suspected adverse reactions or an incident.

Reporting a general adverse reaction to a medicinal product or a suspected adverse reaction in connection with a COVID-19 vaccine

Private individuals can now submit all reports of suspected adverse reactions to human medicinal products to Swissmedic via a web form. You can report an adverse drug reaction for yourself or on behalf of another person, such as a child or relative.

Important information on reports by private individuals

Please note that reporting a side effect does not replace either a medical examination or a diagnosis. Although there may be a temporal relationship between the administration of a medicinal product or vaccine and the onset of a symptom or illness in an individual case, this does not necessarily mean that the medicinal product or vaccine was actually the cause. Other possible causes, which may possibly require targeted therapeutic measures, can only be excluded with a medical diagnosis.

If you notice symptoms that could be a side effect, you should first contact the place that prescribed, dispensed or administered the medicinal product. Always consult your treating physician in the event of symptoms/ailments. Healthcare professionals can assess whether this involves a side effect that must be reported or symptoms that are more likely to be caused by something else. You can potentially ask your healthcare professional (doctor, pharmacist) to report the side effect.

By reporting side effects or suspected cases, you are making an important contribution to safe medicinal products and vaccines. However, please note that Swissmedic is unable to answer individual treatment or health questions and cannot give any corresponding recommendations.

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Reporting side effects electronically: new online reporting form for those affected or their relatives

Private individuals can now report suspected adverse drug reactions to Swissmedic via a web form



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Note on enquiries

Please note that Swissmedic is not able to answer any questions on individual treatment or vaccination and cannot give any related recommendations. Please always contact your doctor for diagnosis and treatment of your symptoms or complaints.

Last modification 28.02.2023

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