Reporting timelines: When to report?

Art. 62 TPO in conjunction with Art. 63 para. 3 TPO requires reports to be submitted within the following timelines:

Reporting timelines  
Deaths, clusters of events Immediately on becoming known (an initial report can also be made orally) and within a maximum of 15 days
Serious transfusion reactions
(Grade 2-4 without allo-immunisation)

As soon as possible, within a maximum of 15 days

All other reports

As soon as possible, within a maximum of 60 days

Report as early as possible, even if the results of analyses are still outstanding when you submit your report. Additional information and laboratory or X-ray results can be submitted at any time subsequently.

To facilitate queries, it is important to state the Swissmedic reference number and the address of the RPHv and the reporting institution.