How to report?

Art. 66 para. 2 MPLO states that the report forms are supplied by Swissmedic. The report forms and the information sheets for classifying and investigating transfusion reactions are available under the heading “Forms/classification” and can be downloaded.

Haemovigilance report forms
Transfusion reactions Haemovigilance report of a transfusion reaction
Transfusion errors Haemovigilance report of a transfusion error / near miss
Near Misses Haemovigilance report of a transfusion error / near miss
Donor reaction Haemovigilance report of a donor reaction  
Quality defects Haemovigilance report of protective measures
Responsible Person for Haemovigilance Notification of the Responsible Person for Haemovigilance in hospitals and other institutions
The report forms are available in German, French and Italian.

The haemovigilance report forms should be completed as fully as possible and submitted with clinical information and laboratory and X-ray findings to ensure that the evaluations and the subsequent conclusions are as informative as possible. Information about investigations can be found in the information sheet “Classification and investigation of transfusion reactions”.