Vigilance for veterinary medicinal products in the year 2019

Reports of adverse reactions to veterinary medicinal products


371 reports of adverse reactions to veterinary medicinal products were received during the year 2019 representing a significant increase of 12.8% compared to the previous year. The majority of these reports described reactions concerning companion animals (215 dogs and 108 cats) as well as cattle (25 reports).

Most of the reported reactions were linked to the use of antiparasitics (201 reports), hormones (37 reports) and anti-infectives (34 reports). 43 of the 371 reports were generated from consultations with Tox Info Suisse in Zürich and mainly involved the excessive intake of flavoured tablets and, in some cases, the use of products under the cascade regulation (applied to another species than that authorized). 108 reports about people exposed to veterinary medicinal products were also received.

2 signals were identified from the reports, resulting in revisions of the product information in the sections addressing indications or adverse reactions.