Swissmedic vaccine videos – part 4

New explanatory videos on vector- and protein-based vaccines


How are vaccines produced, and how does our immune system react to vaccinations? Swissmedic is bringing out a series of videos to answer various questions about the development, authorisation and effect of vaccines. The fourth video, explaining how vector-based vaccines work, is out today.

In contrast to medicinal products, vaccines are generally administered to healthy people. In a series of short videos, Swissmedic explains the key differences in terms of development, properties and authorisation. Basic “scribble drawings” and simple explanations are used to show how vaccines progress from the development stage through to authorisation, and how a vaccine works in the body. Other videos describe the methods of action employed by the different sorts of vaccines. The videos on the development of vaccines and the special features of mRNA vaccines have already been released.

Today sees the release of a fourth video explaining how vector-based vaccines work and also featuring entertaining sketches and explanatory texts. The fifth and final vaccine video – about the mode of action of protein-based vaccines – is coming out soon.

You are free to share or forward Swissmedic Scribble Videos, or to use them for training and/or information purposes. They must on no account be altered.

You can download the videos here:

How a vector vaccine works?