Agency Council

The three organs of the Agency appointed by the Federal Council are the Institute Council, comprising seven members, the director, and the review body. The responsibilities of the Institute Council are similar to those of a board of directors of a limited company.

The Agency Council: leading Swissmedic to success through strategic objectives
The Swissmedic Agency Council members 2018 (from left to right): Olivier Guillod, Lukas Engelberger, Marie-Denise Schaller, Stéphane Rossini (president), Vincenza Trivigno (vice-president), Reto Obrist e Giovan Maria Zanini.

The Agency Council comprises the following people:


Professor & Consultant, Universités de Genève et Neuchâtel, R&EEC Etudes Evaluations Conseils


Head of the Department of Health Basel-Stadt

Director of the Health Law Institute Neuchâtel, Neuchâtel

Former chief physician for oncology, Valais Health Network

Retraitée; médecin cheffe dans le Service de Médecine intensive adulte CHUV

State Chancellor, Cantonal Chancellery, Canton of Aargau

Cantonal Pharmacist, Department of Health and Social Welfare, Canton of Ticino