Collaboration with patient and consumer organisations

Turning patients from passive recipients of therapeutic products into well-informed users of them is of capital importance. Swissmedic would like to take this development into account.
In doing so, the following objectives are at the forefront:

  • The proactive provision of information on all aspects of therapeutic products, in a form adapted to the needs of patients and consumers;
  • The involvement of representatives of patient and consumer organisations in certain identified areas of Swissmedic's activity.

The active involvement of representatives of patient and consumer organisations in some areas of Swissmedic's activity is a gradual process in order for both Swissmedic and the organisations to gain the necessary experience.
The working group is a platform for the exchange of information and experiences among the participants. The opinions and experience of patients and consumers regarding issues related to therapeutic products will therefore be heard, noted, and may be included in Swissmedic's processes. The group will also constitute an appropriate forum for information to be provided in a suitable form with a view to enhancing the participants' awareness of the Agency's tasks and responsibilities.

As a national authority, Swissmedic works with organisations that are established in Switzerland.

Interested organisations may apply to join this working group

Work plan 2021-2024

Summary of the working group meetings

Terms of Reference

Members of the working group (february 2022)