Roundtable on Medical Technology (RTMT)

Swissmedic aims for regular dialogue on issues related to medical device regulation with medical technology stakeholders. The meetings are intended to enable the parties to exchange information and raise issues in order to be able to respond promptly and appropriately to regulatory and technical signals as necessary.

Swissmedic established the Round Table on Medical Technology (RTMT) to this end in May 2019. Direct exchange with association representatives has since proven its value and will therefore be continued. It promotes mutual understanding of guidelines and concerns and ensures regulatory, process-related and technical changes can be planned and implemented efficiently.

Based on the stakeholder map defined by Swissmedic (national collaboration), the Round Table on Medical Technology comprises representatives from the medical technology industry and healthcare institutions, professionals and Swissmedic representatives.

Representation from stakeholder groups

Importance is attached to balanced representation of the stakeholder groups in the composition of the Round Table. Interested associations/organisations can apply to participate in the RTMT using the application for nomination form.

Only individuals who are familiar with the operational issues of the stakeholder group through their day-to-day work and long-standing experience may be nominated as a representative or deputy representative of an association/organisation. A representative role also requires sound knowledge of therapeutic products legislation and the implementation tasks performed by Swissmedic. The names and affiliations of representatives are published on the Swissmedic website.

Members of the Round Table on Medical Technology

Name Company/association
Due to the restructuring of the RTMT, the list will only be published in June

The Terms of Reference (ToR) form the basis for the collaboration.

The RTMT generally meets two to three times a year.

Summary of the working group meetings (in German)

     Date Agenda       
Meeting record