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Market surveillance - Market Monitoring of Illegal Medicinal Products

Officially, Ruth Mosimann is Head of Market monitoring of Illegal Medicinal Products. She and her seven-person team form the national point of contact for issues involving illegal therapeutic products and work together with their cantonal counterparts, fedpol and other Swiss authorities. The specialists in her team decide whether or not medicines can be imported into Switzerland. We followed the expert as she went about her duties.

OMCL - Combating nitrosamines

Massimiliano Conti (Head of Swissmedic's laboratory) explains Switzerland's role in the international effort to combat nitrosamines.

Interview with executive director Swissmedic (Raimund Bruhin)

" We share information with the public in a balanced, non-partisan and people-oriented manner. Our aim is to create transparency and provide up-to-date, reliable communications and information on therapeutic products. As an independent, professional institution for therapeutic products, we make a clear contribution to the safety of the Swiss population and to the quality of the healthcare system."

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