Layout of Export Certificates for medical devices (Free Sales Certificates)

In January 2019, Swissmedic has made changes to the layout of Export Certificates, as part of the digitalisation of the order process.


The main new features are as follows:

  • A new number format will be used for the Export Certificate number
  • The text on the Export Certificates has been revised
  • The stakeholders involved and their roles have been listed individually
  • A print no., number of pages and a QR code will be printed on the Export Certificate and on each page of a product list (if available) by Swissmedic.
  • The product lists show an electronic Swissmedic stamp on each page 

Certificate validity
Swissmedic explicitly confirms that all issued Export Certificates - whether with the old or new layout - will remain valid until the date printed on the certificate (Valid until). 

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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