Warning regarding the "wonder cure" Miracle Mineral Supplements


Swissmedic advises against taking the so-called wonder cure "Miracle Mineral Supplement", abbreviated to MMS, and other similar products such as chlorine dioxide, CDL, CDS or Master Mineral Solution. Generators for the manufacture of chlorine dioxide at home, or “frequency generators” also belong to the sphere of illegal offers.

MMS is not a wonder cure. The main ingredient of the “Miracle Mineral Supplement” is the chemical compound sodium chlorite, which should not be confused with table salt (sodium chloride). Taking sodium chlorite is dangerous. The addition of an acid (often supplied at the same time) as an "activator" produces the gas chlorine dioxide, which is caustic and hazardous to health.

Experts worldwide warn against taking MMS. In many cases the product has caused severe poisoning. The advertised effects on serious conditions such as autism, malaria, cancer, AIDS or recently infections with coronavirus are neither plausible nor have there been any reputable studies to investigate its efficacy and safety. Products advertised for the treatment of diseases are medicinal products and may not be placed on the market without official authorisation.

Other critical aspects include the wide range of books, brochures, how-to guides and videos on the subject of MMS and chlorine dioxide, often accompanied with glowing customer reviews, as well as the advertising of products on the Internet and at seminars.