Suspicion reports

Do you have doubts about the conformity of medical devices?

  • Difficulty with use?
  • Dangerous?
  • Manufacturing defects?
  • Insufficient efficacy?
  • Unclear product information?
  • Poor quality?
  • Misleading advertising?
  • Lack of details of the Swiss economic operators?

Then send Swissmedic all the relevant information via or to Swissmedic Medical Devices, Hallerstrasse 7, 3012 Bern:

  • Description of the problem
  • Images of device and packaging
  • Documents such as instructions for use or delivery notes

Each report is prioritised according to the health risks and evaluated individually by our experts.


Certain information may allow conclusions to be drawn about you or third parties – even from anonymous reports. Personal data must be anonymised if possible.

Swissmedic cannot provide information to a reporting person who does not have party rights as part of the review process.