Enquiries, complaints

General enquiries

For general enquiries relating to penal law, you can use the following e-mail address (recht@swissmedic.ch) to contact the Agency. For postal enquiries, the address can be found in the column to the right.

Lodging complaints

In principle, any individual is free to lodge a complaint about suspected punishable activities. In order for such a complaint to be of use to Swissmedic for further processing, certain criteria should be fulfilled:

  • The violation of therapeutic products legislation should be at the forefront.
  • The complaint should state, as clearly as possible, the type of punishable activity concerned.
  • Proof – if available – should be attached. This can take the form of correspondence, samples, or photographs.
  • The names and contact details of possible witnesses should be provided.

A complaint may be sent to Swissmedic either by post (see address to the right) or by e-mail to (recht@swissmedic.ch).


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