Electronic recording of notifications using the HOMANT Asia software

Art. 41 KPTPO requires single notifications (synonym: notifications) to be submitted in the form prescribed by Swissmedic. Swissmedic provides a corresponding electronic form and has developed the HOMANT Asia software for this purpose. HOMANT Asia and any updates are available on the Swissmedic website for download free of charge. Instructions for installing and using the software are described in the Manual HOMANT Asia HMV4.

The list of documented traditional Asian substances (TAS list, Annex 10 KPTPO) and the list of standard works (Annex 9 KPTPO), version dated 1 July 2021, form the master data currently included in HOMANT Asia. Any updates to the master data are likewise available on the Swissmedic website.

System requirements:
PC with Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 10 (including installation of .NET Framework)

The installation of .NET Framework and consequently the installation of HOMANT Asia are not supported by the IOS (Apple) operating system.

Installation instructions:
Download the installer (the set-up program) HOMANT Asia-1.0.10.exe from the Swissmedic website, then run the program locally on your computer and follow the instructions on the screen. Administrator rights are required for installation.

Important: Install HOMANT Asia only once for each basic company dossier!

All single notifications assigned to a basic company dossier must be recorded in the same HOMANT Asia database. In other words, it is not possible to record single notifications for the same basic company dossier in several HOMANT Asia databases (e.g. at several workplaces) as this could otherwise result in conflicts in the notified data. It is possible, however, to record individual notifications for several basic company dossiers in one HOMANT Asia database.

HOMANT Asia software updates and master data updates

The HOMANT Asia software is updated as needed; updates are made available by Swissmedic.

Updated master data for the HOMANT Asia software is also made available for download following periodic revisions of the KPTPO Annexes 9 and 10 (list of standard works and TAS list).

If you have already installed a version of HOMANT Asia: Any software and master data updates are designed not to cause any loss of data already recorded in HOMANT Asia when an update is performed. However, we recommend that you perform a data backup before every update (see Manual HOMANT Asia HMV4 - available in German and French only). 

Update from 01.07.2023

Version HOMANT Asia 1.1.5 (dated 01.07.2023) contains the following changes compared with the previous version:

§  update of master data, as in the revised lists: list of standard works (annex 9 KPTPO, version dated 1 July 2023) and TAS list (annex 10 KPTPO, version dated 1 July 2023);

§  selection of therapeutic orientation: the master data have been supplemented by standard works and substances of Ayurvedic medicine. As a result, when entering single notifications, the relevant therapeutic orientation "Chinese medicine" or "Ayurvedic medicine" must be selected. When selecting a substance, only the selection of substances from the corresponding therapeutic orientation will be displayed.

Software download:


In all cases, please check whether you have a technical IT problem in your company or whether a software problem is involved. Swissmedic can only provide information relating to the software!

The following mail addresses / telephone numbers are available if you have questions about the HOMANT electronic notification procedure.

Questions about the HOMANT notification procedure
General information
+41 58 462 02 23

Questions about the HOMANT software
ISCS (Informatics Service Centre Swissmedic)
+41 58 462 06 00

Written enquiries
Hallerstrasse 7
CH-3012 Bern

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