New publication: "Cannabis" – A Handbook for Science and Practice

Martin Ziak, Head of the Complementary and Herbal Medicines Division, as a co-author


"Cannabis", the compendium published by German pharmacist Andreas S. Ziegler, is a book which covers all scientifically relevant specialist areas relating to the cannabis plant. Cannabis was already being used as a medicinal product in ancient times, and today is one of the most exciting topics in medicine and pharmaceuticals. Its use for medical purposes and legalisation are widely discussed in both science and society.

In Germany, the federal government will partially legalise cannabis in April 2024, after which adults may purchase certain quantities for home cultivation and possession. The absolute ban on cannabis for medical purposes in Switzerland was lifted in August 2022. Since then, sick people have had easier access to medical cannabis.

The "Cannabis" compendium examines the various topics against this backdrop. They include botany, the supply chain, dosage forms and routes of administration, as well as the legal conditions of supply.

Martin Ziak, Head of the Complementary and Herbal Medicines Division, is a co-author of the compendium. In the chapter "Medicinal Cannabis: Case studies from selected European countries", Martin Ziak describes the requirements of the Therapeutic Products and Narcotics Acts for the authorisation of a herbal medicinal product containing the active substance "cannabis". He also explains possible authorisation procedures that enable stakeholders to place this type of medicinal product on the market. Bilkis Heneka and Monika Joos, Head of the Narcotics Division at Swissmedic, also contributed to the chapter by Martin Ziak.

The work, published by the "Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft Stuttgart", is suitable for interested parties in science, practitioners, and for personal use. It is currently available in English, and a German translation is in progress.

Bild Buch und Martin Ziak