HPC – Correct use of retinoids in dermatology


Due to the highly teratogenic potential of retinoids, the precautions related to women of child-bearing age must be followed scrupulously. Swissmedic is asking all involved parties, health professionals, patients and pharmaceutical companies, to remain attentive and to assume responsibility for the correct use of retinoids.

The discovery of retinoids (vitamin A derivatives) marked a significant advance in the therapeutic management of dermatoses such as severe acne, psoriasis and keratinisation disorders. Patients and healthcare professionals should be kept informed about the use of retinoids in general, and isotretinoin in particular, especially as regards the teratogenicity of these substances and the possible onset of psychiatric side effects. In view of the risks associated with retinoids, it is crucial to observe the warnings and precautions described in the product information texts for these drugs (see following link: www.swissmedicinfo.ch).