Strategy veterinary medicinal products: Greater clarity and better collaboration

A lot has changed in the field of veterinary medicinal products in the past few years. Swissmedic is responding to these changes with a new strategy that clarifies competencies and optimises collaboration with other federal offices.

The new Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO) came into being in 2014. It was created by the merger of the former Swiss Federal Veterinary Office (SFVO) with the Food Safety Department at the Federal Office for Public Health (FOPH). The Veterinary Medicinal Products Ordinance (VMPO) was revised at the same time, resulting in a shift in responsibilities between Swissmedic and the FSVO.

These were defined fundamentally through consultations between the FSVO and Swissmedic. As a result, Swissmedic has honed and reoriented its strategy for veterinary medicinal products in recent months. Furthermore, Swissmedic was prompted by the implementation of these changes to optimise its internal procedures and responsibilities. This realignment has given rise to the following objectives:

  • Swissmedic focuses on marketing authorisation and market monitoring of veterinary medicinal products and is the central point of contact in this area.
  • The Institute for Virology and Immunology (IVI) retains responsibility for immunobiologicals (vaccines and sera for animals), the FSVO is responsible for the safe use of veterinary medicinal products and for issues relating to antibiotics in veterinary medicine. The FSVO is supporting the implementation of the VMPO by the cantonal veterinary officers, veterinarians and animal owners.
  • Collaboration with external national and international bodies is targeted, transparent and coordinated between the competent offices to avoid duplication. Responsibility for dealing with enquiries is assigned using clear criteria in consultation with the FSVO.
  • Swissmedic is concentrating scientific expertise in veterinary medicinal products in a single organisational unit. Tasks and responsibilities relating to the safety of veterinary medicinal products and delimitation questions regarding veterinary medicinal products will be moved in their entirety to the Veterinary Medicinal Products Department (TAM), part of the Authorisations section (formerly in the Market Surveillance section). Collaboration with VetSuisse on TAM-Vigilance will be maintained.

Last modification 09.08.2018

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