No marketing / interruption to distribution of authorized medicines

Notifications of no marketing or interruptions to distribution for > 1 year

The Ordinance on Medicinal Products (Art. 8a VAM, SR 812.212.21, available in German, French and Italian) states that authorisation holders must notify the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products of all products that have an interruption to distribution for over one year (column ‘Vertriebsunterbruch...') or that are not placed on the market within one year after authorisation has been granted (column ‘Nicht-Inverkehrbringen...'). Please find an information sheet on the subject here (available in German and French). See also Art. 16a HMG und Art. 9a VAM.

The list below contains all notifications of no marketing or interruptions to distribution received by Swissmedic. It shows the date from which the products are not available on the market. For products where the date of 01.10.2010 is shown in the column 'Nicht-Inverkehrbringen...' or 'Vertriebsunterbruch...', the transitional provisions in accordance with Art. 95a HMG apply. It is possible that these products have not been on the market for a longer period.

Products for which the authorisation holder has notified Swissmedic that distribution will be resumed after interruption or started after first authorisation, or for which the authorisation has been converted to an export authorisation, will no longer be included on this list. The list will be updated monthly.

The homeopathic and anthroposophic medicinal products without indication that are included in the list below are authorised by notification procedure in accordance with Arts. 5, 17 and 19 et. seq. of the Ordinance on Complementary and Herbal Medicines (KPAV; SR 812.212.24). The list is only updated if necessary.