New ID and access management for Swissmedic eGov Services from mid-September 2019


User registration, identification and management in Swissmedic eGov Services is to be harmonised. Users will benefit from simplified operation and greater security.

On 12 June 2019, we gave you advance notification of the changes affecting identity and access management for Swissmedic eGov Services that will take effect in September 2019.
Below you will find further details and a request for active assistance.

Interruption in eGov Services user management
The user management function in the eGov portal will be unavailable from Saturday 24 August to Monday 9 September 2019. During this period, you will not be able to modify user accounts.
Important: The eGov portal login and delivery process will NOT be affected. All eGov services will be available.

Request to companies’ administrators to delete unneeded user accounts
To prevent legacy data being unnecessarily migrated to the new eIAM environment, please delete all unneeded user accounts by Friday 23 August 2019.

Go-live date
User account migration and the changeover to the new eIAM environment will take place on the weekend of 7 and 8 September 2019. eGov Services will NOT be available during this weekend. Full functionality will be available in the new eIAM environment from Monday 9 September.

What exactly will happen during migration?
Existing user accounts (including authorisations) will be automatically transferred to the new eIAM environment.
A CH-LOGIN user account has to be used to access the new functions. During the migration process, an e-mail containing an onboarding code will be generated. Onboarding is a once-only process that associates existing authorisations with a new user account (your CH-LOGIN account in this case). We will provide detailed instructions in good time.

Changeover to two-factor authentication for all users
To ensure compliance with current security requirements, two-factor authentication will be introduced as part of the migration to CH-LOGIN. All users will be required to provide a mobile phone number to which an mTAN can be sent by text message.

eIAM portal
eIAM Services (E-Government Identity and Access Management, a standard service provided by the Federal Administration) control access to eGov Services (applications) and protect them against unauthorised use. Users log in via the eIAM portal with CH-LOGIN (user account) as well as the Federal Administration’s internal login procedures.

The Federal Administration’s e-mail address-based login procedure. Following successful authentication, CH-LOGIN handles the login procedure for eGov Services.

Mobile transaction authentication number, a single-use password sent to you by text message as a second authentication factor

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