New ID and access management for Swissmedic eGov Services from mid-September 2019


User registration, identification and management in Swissmedic eGov Services is to be harmonised. Users will benefit from simplified operation and greater security. They will be able to access the applications associated with the authorisations they have been assigned without having to log in to each one.

ID and authorisation management in Swissmedic eGov Services controls the functions and data that users of eGoverment applications can access. The current software solutions for user registration and authorisation management will be transferred to a new, more future-proof solution by the end of the year.

New registration and login procedure

In September 2019, ID and authorisation verification procedures for Swissmedic eGov Services will be amalgamated and connected to the Federal Administration’s eIAM portal. It will thus be possible to access the various applications via CH-LOGIN. As a result, registered users of Swissmedic eGov Services will be able to access electronic services with a single login using their e-mail address.

Although the sign-on screens in the eIAM portal (CH-LOGIN) are different from the current masks, the functions available in the individual Swissmedic eGov Services and the way these functions operate will not be affected by the changeover to single sign-on.

The following Swissmedic eGov Services (applications) will be available via the eIAM portal from September 2019:

Electronic reporting systems

  • eSubmissions (electronic application processing),
  • Safety communication (secure electronic submission of information on safety signals),
  • eMessage (electronic processing of business cases, e.g. certificates),
  • CPP/GMP/GDP (electronic ordering of product and GMP/GDP certificates)

User registration and management (assigning authorisations) will be via the eIAM portal (CH-LOGIN).

ElViS (Electronic Vigilance Reporting Portal)

Self-registration and access to applications will be via the eIAM portal (CH-LOGIN)

MESA (national trade register for controlled substances)

Self-registration, user management and access to the reporting platform will be via the eIAM portal (CH-LOGIN).

The start of operations using the eIAM portal and CH-LOGIN is scheduled for early September 2019.

Users of Swissmedic eGov Services will be notified in person about the migration process and any changes to the user authorisation assignment procedure no later than one month before the changeover.

This e-mail address-based login procedure handles sign-on for eGov Services following successful authentication. Users only have to sign on once within a session (single sign-on, or "SSO").
eIAM Services
eIAM Services (E-Government Identity and Access Management, a standard service provided by the Federal Administration) control access to eGov Services (applications).

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