Vigilance for veterinary medicinal products: Adverse reactions reported in 2020

Report on adverse drug reactions (ADR) after use of veterinary medicinal products (VMP) in Switzerland


A total of 365 reports of adverse reactions to veterinary medicinal products were received during 2020 – a slight decrease of 1.6% compared to 2019.

As in previous years, the most frequently reported reactions were in small animals (216 in dogs and 92 in cats), as well as in cattle (37 reports). In common with previous years, most of the reported reactions were linked to the use of antiparasitics (173 reports), hormone products (21 reports), products to modulate the nervous system (21 reports) and anti-infectives (20 reports).

32 of the 365 reports were passed on by Tox Info Suisse. Half of these cases involved the excessive ingestion of flavoured veterinary medicinal products, with some use of products under the cascade regulation (applied to a species other than that authorised). Tox Info Suisse also reported 110 cases of human exposure to veterinary medicinal products.

Three signals were identified from the reports and periodic safety update reports, resulting in revisions of the product information in the sections addressing adverse reactions, precautions and indications.

A summary of the main points

  • Slight increase in reports received (up 1.6%)
  • Most frequently affected species: 216 dogs, 92 cats, 37 head of cattle
  • Most frequent medicinal product types: antiparasitics (173), hormone products (82) products to modulate the nervous system (21), anti-infectives (20)
  • 151 cases of suspected lack of efficacy, largely for antiparasitics and hormone products
  • 32 cases passed on by Tox Info Suisse
  • 16 cases of accidental ingestion of flavoured tablets by dogs/cats
  • 110 cases of human exposure to veterinary medicinal products
  • 3 signal procedures concluded

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