Authorised complementary and herbal medicinal products

This report provides, among other things, an overview of the number of authorisations of complementary and herbal medicines with indication and complementary medicines without indication in 2021.


Use of titanium dioxide in medicinal products

The pharmaceutical excipient titanium dioxide remains permissible in Switzerland until further notice


Changes to the guidance document Temporary authorisation of human medicinal products HMV4

Simplification of the procedure for “ex officio" temporary authorisation


New guidance document: Involvement of patient organisation in assessment of patient information HMV4

The new guidance document is valid with effect from 1 November 2021.


Update to the forms New authorisation of human medicinal products HMV4 and Variations and authorisation extensions HMV4

Consent to exchange of information for applications in collaboration with Access Consortium and Project Orbis


Executive Summary - Benchmarking 2021

Comparison of Swiss approval times for human medicines with the EU and the USA


Modification of various documents relating to authorisation

ZL109_00_001e_WL / ZL104_00_002e_WL