Our strategy

Swissmedic's strategic plan consists of its guiding principles and the strategic objectives.

The guiding principles - which consist of our mission, vision, values and conduct - form the basis for our organisational culture. Within the Agency, they serve as a general guideline for our approach and our activities. Beyond it, they constitute a clear statement of what our stakeholders can expect from us, and what they can count upon. The guiding principles apply to us all, whatever our role within the Agency.

The strategic objectives show the way in which we shall achieve our vision. Measures for implementing the strategic objectives are defined, with the Balanced Score Card (BSC) approach used as a tool for doing so. The objectives are formulated from various perspectives: our social responsibility, stakeholders, finances, processes and employees.

The strategic plan is embedded within a matrix of legal provisions (Act on Therapeutic Products /Ordinances) and the mandate on the part of the owner (the service mandate and the service agreement).