New eGov CPP service: Planned change for ordering product certificates (CPP) via the Swissmedic eGovernment Portal

Authorisation holders or their authorised representatives can request Certificates of Pharmaceutical Product (CPP) from Swissmedic. Such orders have hitherto been submitted by e-mail using a corresponding order form.
As of the start of 2018 it will be possible to submit this form exclusively via the new eGov CPP service. This provides secure electronic communication between the ordering party and Swissmedic. Access to the eGov Portal is a prerequisite for using this service. Swissmedic recommends that companies apply for the new eGov service even now via the Swissmedic website. This access can be requested only by the corresponding authorisation holders. After the new service has been activated by Swissmedic, the authorisation holder has the option of assigning access rights to the ordering parties.

Once the new eGov CPP service has been launched, orders will no longer be accepted via e-mail.

The product certificates are issued and then sent, as before, by post.

Brief details about the eGov CPP service can be found in this Information sheet.

Further information on the above-mentioned change will be published on the Swissmedic website prior to the launch.